Brambleberry Beautiful part 7

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Well, get us! Me and Beauty are now part of a British Dressage Team Quest team! And guess what our team is called? I will give you a clue. The first word is The, the second word is where we live (on the outskirts of Chippenham in Wiltshire) and the third word is the surname of (in my opinion) the best dressage rider in the world. The Dauntsey Dujardins, you are thinking, right? Not quite. We are The Calne Hesters and, like every other Team Quest team we are starting out to have a bit of fun.

Meet the team

Well, there's me and Beauty. Beauty is a typical Welshie (apparently from talking to friends). Everything has to be her idea but once she's OK with it she'll come on side. She's OK really and I love her, you just have to make things her idea.

Then there's Natalie and the rather Regal Taran (O'saurus Rex so we all know how to pronounce it). He's a Welshie too but doesn't really look like your typical Welsh Cob. He's a lovely person and so is Natalie, but Taran is scared of everything at the moment so he might have to call Ghost Busters during his test.

Teresa rides her lovely Welshie also (we don't all ride Welshies, otherwise we would be called The Wiltshire Welshies) called Rhodri. He's a proper gent and has been there, done it and got the T-shirt, having been shown at the Royal Welsh Show! We have to bow to Rhodri! And sorry Teresa for the exclamation marks as she hates them, being a part time, anti-exclamation-mark journalist.

Becky rides her own Monty, who has the softest muzzle in the world! They are a pretty good combo and if they get things right on the day they could help our marks zoom higher. We all love Monty!

Last but not least and only mentioned last as she can't ride in our first competition is the mini Kate Thompson (aka Dujardin) who I teach sometimes and love to pieces, even when she is rather challenging! Kate will be riding her new pony Otis, but to be honest Kate could ride a donkey from Weston Super Mare and still do us proud!

First competition is early December. We are simply going for fun at this stage so wish us well everyone. I am so excited to be part of this team and if we don't expect much, we might be pleasantly surprised. I will keep you posted. x

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